Manoj Ahirwar

Engineer | Entrepreneur | Traveller | Anime Fan

Some of the things I have built

  • Service


    Launch your MVP in 15 days. We will build your MVP so you can go to market quickly before your competitors.

  • SaaS

    BoilerCode (Sold)

    Boilerplates for SaaS to help you ship your product faster. Including NextJs SaaS, NextJs AI and Other boilerplates.

  • AI

    Create blogs in bulk with AI and improve your SEO game. Just enter the topic and create hundreds of blogs in one click.

  • SaaS


    Create eye catching GIFs of your stats, memes, and texts. Improve your social game by posting gifs instead of boring text.

  • SaaS


    NoCode platform for building Chatbot apps. Create, Customise and Share your own Chatbot apps and start collecting payments. (discontinued)

  • SaaS


    Create Dynamic Forms. Share, Collect, and Integrate responses. Also embed into your website. (Typeform alternate)

  • SaaS


    Turn your unsed domains into websites. Choose from different content categories for your website.

  • AI

    xActions (Sold)

    ChatGPT in a better way directly from Chrome extension. Use xActions Actions to create custom Actions.

  • Content SAAS


    API first platform which allows developers to create News & Article platform without any backend.

  • Educational


    Kids-focused learning app. Kids learn from articles that are kids friendly and safe and also for their age.

  • Personalised

    Singapore Pools Generator

    Weekend project for Singapore Pools lottery results & Lottery analysis.

  • Community


    A place on the Internet where anyone can write anything. You can create your own wall and share.

  • News & Article

    Smart Morning

    Read about Technology, Finance, Startup, and Crypto quickly. Get up to date with what's going on in 5 minutes.

  • Finance

    Personal finance portfolio tracking platform. Track Mutual funds, Stocks, Crypto, and more in one place.

  • Personalised

    Advanced bio page creator platform. Showcase your social stats. Supports 18 social networks. (discontinued)

  • Personalised

    One Dashboard

    Your personal dashboard of all of your social networks. Track your social profile performance in real-time. 

  • Social Network

    Opin Network

    Like-minded social network app. Create or submit a poll and get connected with like-minded people around the world. (discontinued)

  • Educational

    Engineering exam question papers social network. Students can upload or access previous year's question papers for their subjects. (discontinued)

  • Others

    Other Projects

    I have a couple more other projects. View them on the below link.

  • Coming Soon

    New things coming soon.

9 Countries Travelled

  • India

  • Portugal

  • Spain

  • Nepal

  • Singapore

  • Malaysia

  • Thailand

  • Philippines

  • UAE

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